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Because you realise your gut is
controlling a LOT of your life: your mood, pain levels, energy, confidence and even your wardrobe....

...NOW is the time to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE again.

First let me ask you this:
Are you SICK and TIRED of...
  • Trying all the superfoods, supplements, diets and fads that promise smooth digestion but haven’t worked for you in the long run?
  • Going through your day - EVERY DAY - exhausted - and only able to do the bare minimum for yourself, your family, your work?
  • Being in pain and constant discomfort - NEVER knowing when you're going to have a flare-up or embarrassing 'escape' to the loo?
  • Feeling that you’ve become this grumpy, tired, snappy person YOU KNOW deep down isn't YOU?
  • Having to watch EVERYTHING you eat and drink because you’re scared of pain and bloat?
  • Wearing baggy dark clothes that ‘hide’ your bloated tummy and ‘expanding curves’?
  • Feeling that life is just passing you by and you’re missing the ‘train’?
Do you wish you could:
  • Eat a whole bunch of delicious foods - any time – even in restaurants - because you know they’re safe?
  • Look at your body in the mirror and say ‘yeah, I feel great and I look it!’?
  • Forget all the pain and bloat for good and be able to wear anything you want - even that sexy lingerie tucked away in a box?
  • Have the energy to focus on things you’ve always wanted to do like go for that promotion/job, travel, socialize more, meet ‘mr right’, exercise, run a marathon…..anything!?
  • Get back to your ‘old’ self and go out with your friends and family and enjoy life without fear of suffering?
Ok, first, let’s get real:
Your gut problems are NOT going to magically disappear – your SYMPTOMS might – for a while, but they WILL come back, no matter what.

Why? Because these symptoms are messages from ‘inside’ that if you don’t get rid of the CAUSE of your problems, ranging from stress, living (and eating) at lightning speed, compromised gut bacteria, low enzyme and acid production, eating the ‘wrong’ foods for your gut etc…

…then mark my words, IT WILL COME BACK – and sometimes with a vengeance

So you might be thinking:
young beautiful business woman suffering stress working at office computer desk asking for help feeling tired and desperate looking overworked covering eyes overwhelmed and frustrated
But I’ve tried it all! even the whole paraphernalia of tests and meds from the doctors, the diets, supplements and superfoods that promised results – and here I am again.

I get it – most of my clients have gone through it all and (almost) lost all hope.

The thing is, you don’t need more tests, prodding, pills, and really restrictive, impossible-to-sustain diets.
What you need is to NOT GIVE UP! There is hope.

How do I know this? I’ve helped hundreds of people like you,you see, who’d lost all hope and got well again.
In case we’ve never met I’m Nathalie Sansonetti, Nutrition and Health Coach and Founder of The Gut Loving Life.

My area of expertise is gut health, having helped hundreds of patients over nearly 9 years working in my busy practice as a (fully qualified) Nutrition & Food Intolerance & Allergy Therapist.

I absolutely LOVE food – GOOD food (must be from my French upbringing) and will always try and re-acquaint my clients with their tastebuds and their inner cooking Goddesses (don’t worry, when it comes to cooking, I adapt to every level of love and ability )

I am PASSIONATE about helping my clients get well - because life is short and it's so full of beautiful, fun things you could be doing rather than worry about your health.

Give this program a go - it might be THE best decision you have EVER made!
The 8-Week Gut Transformation Program covers 3 main areas:
The program will provide you with:

* Answers as to which foods give you energy which ones take it away.

* Knowledge of what to eat for YOUR particular gut issue - because not all health problems are created equal.

* A wide range of delicious foods you KNOW are safe for you and easy to incorporate into your day-to-day.
Because stress is one of - if not THE most important factor of gut distress, you will find out:

* What your stressors are and how to protect yourself from them

* How to quickly and really powerfully reduce the low-level stresses that are causing your gut problems

* How to PERMANENTLY reduce the daily worries and anxiety that are disrupting your digestion, sleep, mood, energy levels, libido etc.
* Although they never replace good food the right supplements taken at the right time in your program will give you the boost you may need to kick start your healing process.

* Naturopathic techniques (such as skin brushing, epsom salt baths, cleansing detox techniques etc) can offer great support to your organs while they go through changes.
Armed with the right knowledge,
in 8 weeks you will:
  • Enjoy foods that are nurturing to your body, mind and spirit
  • Find renewed energy like never before and literally have to find ways to spend it
  • Be able to focus on the more interesting and fun aspects of life like relationships, travel, challenges, work etc.
  • Fit into your favourite jeans (and sexy) clothes again
  • Feel and look confident, rejuvenated and glow from the inside out
  • Get lots of notice from friends, family…and total strangers (if you like this kind of thing ;))
Why don't I let some previous clients speak for themselves:
“I decided to take on Nathalie’s Program after nearly 10 years suffering from acid reflux and gastric issues... Needless to say Nathalie far exceeded my expectations - she guided me to know what my body can/cannot digest, and also looked at my problems in a holistic manner, digging down into my day to day living/my routine/my background/my goals etc. to find out how it was all impacting my health. Through a series of activities which are gradually implemented over the 8 weeks, I came out feeling lighter, more energized, more content in my body than I had been for the past decade.
Cecilia DivettNice, France
"I went to Nathalie with severe IBS symptoms that I had been suffering with for years. Nathalie put together a plan for me, prescribed me some natural supplements to help heal my gut. After 3 weeks I've had no severe bloating or attacks of IBS, I've even tried a bit of cheese, which I thought I couldn't eat before. I've started meditation the past week (which was suggested by Nathalie to help with stress) and I find myself a whole lot calmer already. My clothes are fitting better too! I owe it all to her and look forward to my next session with her."
Johanna HargreavesHove, UK
"I signed up for Nathalie’s program after hitting rock bottom (again). I’d been doing a lot of running, was obsessed with eating healthily and was left feeling, low, stressed out and absolutely exhausted. I’m absolutely amazed at how different I feel. I feel like I’m getting back to my old happy, healthy self before my life was consumed by my ‘condition’. Nathalie has been an inspiration to work with. I feel that she has this amazing ability to understands what I need. The sessions are really enjoyable, positive and the whole process has felt so easy. I wish I’d done this years ago."
Jo ConlonBrighton, UK
"If you are the kind of person that starts off with good intentions but find that you don't follow-through, then this program is for you. They have certainly helped me reach a level of self care that has left me buzzing with energy and excited about my life. The weekly sessions with Nathalie are always very positive and encouraging I really look forward to each one. For the first time ever I’m actually sticking to what I am doing and can see that the changes are for the long-term. I don't think I have had a session where I haven't had a 'lightbulb moment."
Isabel Del Arbol StewartLondon, UK
What you'll get when you
join the Gut Transformation Program:
8 Live Coaching sessions

These sessions are personalised to help you achieve your goals with ease and enjoyment. They are also designed to put you out of your comfort zone when I know you can handle it.

Going through a crisis? I will provide one or two 'laser coaching' sessions for the occasional issues you may be going through, so your program fits your needs.
Live Cookery Sessions
Whether you love or hate cooking, these cookery sessions have three aims:
- Introduce you to some really tasty and super easy and quick 'gut loving' recipes
- Increase your confidence in the kitchen 10-fold, because I'll be helping you every step of the way.
- Have FUN cooking and experimenting! :)
How it works: I will give you a shopping list prior to the live and we’ll cook yummy foods together via a conference call - what fun!
Continuous Personal Support
I will always respond quickly to texts, messages and emails as and when you need support.

Be it at the supermarket when shopping for your super-healthy foods or when you need extra guidance at the restaurant, eating at friends or during trips abroad.

Personalised 7-Day Meal Plan
Guiding every step of the way in planning your week ahead, with delicious, 'safe' gut loving meals that will excite your tastebuds and get you back into eating PROPER foods.
Dozens of delicious custom recipes
Exclusive access to a whole range of delicious recipes that are selected for you so that:

- You feel safe in the knowledge that you can eat tasty, gorgeous foods that are healing to your gut

- Cooking becomes easy and exciting and you don't feel intimidated and actually regain your love for cooking

- You can discover healing foods you may never have dared eat because you didn't know if they would be safe or good for you..
Meditations and visualisations
Essential elements of this program to help you:

- RE-LAX and get your gut and entire body into a healing state

- Really change your mindset from one of fear, self-sabotage and pain to a state of peace and openness that will boost your vitality and progress.
Frequently Asked Questions
* I don't have much time on my hands, is this program going to take up a lot of my time?
Although a certain level of commitment is always welcome, the program is designed to fit around your time, so each session and ‘tasks’ I assign you weekly will stretch you just a little bit so that you reach your goals quickly but won’t be completely all-consuming.
* How long before I can feel/see results?
Everyone is different so results will appear at different times for different people. It also depends on your level of commitment, readiness to try new (and sometimes a little uncomfortable) things, and how much you want to push yourself. Having said that, many of my clients experience an improvement of their conditions within a week or two.
* Will I have to eat different foods from my family?
No! I know how difficult it can be to have to cook different foods to cater for different people in your home so my recommendations will always take account of everyone in your household to help make this program work more easily and smoothly.
* Do I have to be any good at cooking to do this program?
I know a lot of people don’t feel comfortable in the kitchen so I have devised really simple and quick recipes that even the most fearful cook will be able to handle. I offer live cookery sessions and one-on-one support with cooking, meal planning, shopping throughout your program.
* Will I still be able to travel and socialize during this program?
The program works around your life, not the other way around – otherwise it wouldn’t be sustainable in the long run. And as long as you have wifi wherever you travel to, no need to delay sessions either ☺

So what's keeping you from getting started?
Book a FREE Call with me today...
We'll discuss:
- What your current health challenges are
- What your health goals are
- How the 8-Week Gut Transformation Program
could help you achieve your goals
- Whether we (and the program) are a good fit :)